Tv, Movies

Tv, Movies

If you try to drive the wrong way thru the drive-in, major razor-sharp blades will emerge from the ground, probably pierce the people in the trunk, and kill your tires/and possibly you, if you try to sneak in the drive-in.

(Debra Drake-Latham)

Star Trek-- Look what it started. I didn't have cable at my house but Bret Morris did. Also how about the first man on the moon.

Tim Smith

Levi's commercial "good morning world, I'm ready for you I'm wearing my Levi's."

Early 70's commercial of the song the guys behind the counter and they start singing "you deserve a break today."

(James Alberts)

"That Girl" (how I wanted Marlo Thomas? clothes and my own apartment!), "Hullabaloo!", "Laugh-in"

(Nancy Ellis-Wagner)

Reddy Kilowatt, Slam-Bang TheaterIcky Twerp & Wolfgang von Dog

Gunsmoke (Matt, Doc, Kitty & Chester) --- Mr. Dillon! Mr. Dillon!

Paladin of "Have Gun Will Travel" fame

(Delbert Pape)

"The Man From U.N.C.L.E." & "I Spy"

(Karen Lester-McGinnis)

Smokey the Bear---Only you can prevent forest fires!!

(Cooki Waggoner Woods)

"Give a hoot, don't pollute."

(Jay Witherspoon)