Toys & Game

Toys & Game

I remember that Lionel Trains Corporation put out a series of model kits based on famous inventions. You could build actual working models of Edison's Light bulb, Morse's telegraph and Bell's phone. I also remember Mr. Machine.


Wasn't there a board game 60's of Boris Karloff - I do not know if that was the name.

(James Alberts)

Playing capture the flag at night in the sunken garden, near Park Heights

(Joe Howard)

Racing slot cars at Wilson's Hobby Shop

Anything and everything at Angelo Sporting Goods & Wilson's Hobby Shop
(Ron Harris)

Electric Football (bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!)

(Ron Harris)

Playing Ouija and getting so scared with the answers to our questions, that we would make my little brother sleep with us.

(Caryn Sanders-Truitt)