The Cars

The Cars

When I saw the picture of Guy Juke?s car on the web site, it reminded me that once he was driving very slowly so as not to draw any attention from the police. They stopped him anyway - for impeding traffic.

(Nancy Ellis-Wagner)

My father had bought a used Volvo (the old pregnant Volkswagen style) for my older sisters to drive us all around. A few years ago, the family was reminiscing about it. My father nearly fell on the floor when my sister said, You know, we never even had to use the clutch on that thing!"

(Nancy Ellis-Wagner)

Riding around with Ben Holly in his '55 Chevy or my '64 Ford Falcon Futura (with chrome wheels; of course)

Riding Honda S90 motorcycles with Randy and Richard
I remember how scary it was riding over on 29th street cut off (sooo dark). I would always think of the Bill Cosby monster stories when traveling there.

Spray on tint for windows

(Delbert Pape)

My Karman Ghia. We used to sit on the back row in church on Sunday nights.... sneak out during church and drive around in the Karman Ghia.
The greatest part was fitting 6 people in that tiny car and stopping at a light and having a Chinese Fire Drill. Wish I had that same Karman Ghia today!

(David Lumbley)

Kathy Huff's yellow Mustang. It was a standard shift and she didn't want to come to a full stop, so I would just jump out on a slow roll when we got to my house

(Cyndy Hood)

Steve Kelton tore apart a Corvair just to see what made it work, and put it back together!

(Gary Cole)

Steve Responds:
Cole, 'ol buddy, memory has a way of smoothing the wrinkles: That Corvair WASN'T working when I tore it apart, and it sure as hell wasn't working when I put it back together! I suspect those needle bearings I kept finding on the garage floor had something to do with it.

Let's see if the old mind is still functioning at this age - 

  • John Malitz and his Ford Ranchero (I think - was that what it was Claudia?)

  • Scott Sparks - remember he had a dodge and a license before we left LEE

  • Ham Collins - his Mother's Buick - Where is Ham?

  • Melinda and her pink Rambler

  • Mark Hill - his yellow Chevy 409 that we had to jump start almost everyday at the water department. Bet you don't remember that Mark?

  • Frank Turley - his gorgeous 57 Chevrolet

  • Ralph Gill - what was that red thing you drove?

  • Ben Lemmons - SS 454 Chevy -

  • Ernie Mayer's - mother's GTO - green I think

And yes my 67 GTO and then the 67 Mustang GT fastback. Got married in that one. My son will not forgive me to this day for selling that one. I have nightmares about that also.

Beth Stringer probably was never the same after riding with me in that 'TANG down College Hills Blvd. - 110 mph...don't know today how I managed to stay alive.

(John Hurt)

"Racing stripes"... 
And my 1st car, a 1961 NSU PRINZ, (two cylinder ).....all my parts had to come from the other NSU Prinz in town (out at the junkyard). I spent a lot of time there.

(Bill Givens)

John Hurt's Fastback Mustang, anything Scott Sparks drove, Grady Harlow's '40 Ford Woody, Bill Ford's four-door truck, Tom Shelton's '55 Chevy Wagon, Sam Hensley's '61 Thunderbird

(Ron Harris)

Dudley's 'vette

(Nolan Garrett)

This must be a guy page. I still don't know what a lot of that stuff is. I remember by Volkswagen blue bug. I never could parallel park but that was OK because if I got the front part in, Tara and I could pick up the rear end and put it in place.
My car is too big these days, and besides Tara lives in Will Point, TX and I'm in Farmington, NM. I still can't parallel park.

(Denise Lakey)

Debbie Drake's pink Mustang and Grady Elder's white Charger?

(Karen Aylor-Wells)

Spray-on "vinyl tops"

(Tommy Parrett)

Glass Packs

(Caryn Sanders-Truitt)

The old 4-track tape players and the adapter you had to buy to play them on your 8-track. (I still have the adapter)

(Bill Givens)

Learning to drive in a '57 Chevy at Lake Nasworthy!

(Bunny Barber-Miles)

... from the webmaster: For me, it was a manual shift ''55 Chevy at O.C. Fisher (North Concho), where I could only run into mesquite trees or a dry lake bed.

Re-routing the windshield washer hose to the ashtray and filling the reservoir with booze that you stole from your folks liquor cabinet.

(Bill Givens)