For girls only: Answering roll call in P.E. for a few days each month with "Excused R." (I vividly remember this from Edison Junior High.) What the heck did "R" stand for anyway?

(Kathy Huff Straach)

Cutting up decorations for Homecoming; banana splits at the Big Scoop ice-cream parlor; Mrs. Eilers' Government class; speech tournaments; Tex-Anns...

Martine Bellet

Mrs. Vance's blue hair.

(Ann (Hyde) Giardini)

The old typing teacher that went nuts for all the football players.
Believe her name was Turknett or something like that.

Clayton Pairett

9th grade assembly in Edison auditorium when Chris Conway (rhythm) Kenny Hollingsworth (lead) Ronnie Palmer (bass) and Larry Ward (drums) rocked on the stage! The really cool part was seeing Wynona, Valene, Ann, Cathy, Cheryl, Ester and several other children of the sixties with their chins on top of their shoes. and to think-- all I could play was the radio.

Greg Pittmon

Trying to make it to McDonalds or Der Weinerschnitzel during lunch break.....not being late back to class.

Ann Hyde-Giardini

I don?t remember why or exactly when, but they bussed us Travis kids over to Santa Rita for a six weeks session or two.

Science fair projects. Ugh!

(Nancy Ellis-Wagner)

Ms. Ziriax's class at Lee - sticking pencils in the ceiling and tossing spit wads into the light fixtures - while she was in the room!

Dodging Mr. Snodgrass's "hair patrol" and lusting after Anita (now I look like Mr. Snodgrass). Seriously, how many people REALLY liked Texas History.

(Brent DeMoville)

Who could forget the Gold Dust Twins---Mr. Claude Wooley and Mr. K. C. Van Orden. Not only were they an unforgettable pair of jokesters, but they were great teachers as well!

In Jr. High at Lee, listening to Bobby T. Bacon's army accounts or exploits. One of which was when he and his fellow recruits were forced to "Crab-walk 5 miles on hot asphalt."

Having to do the Hokey-Pokey at Austin elementary.

The day the Storm troopers came to Mrs. Simpson's (The Grinch's) English class.

(Sam Hensley)

You can talk about mean looks but Vice Principal Hillard (Miss Hillard---never married and in her 60's) gave a new meaning to "the evil eye" at Robert E. Lee Jr. High, but underneath she was a softy; but don't cross her.

And what about "Two Fingers McCullough"? Gave the hardest spats at Lee--but at least we got to sign the spat boards--some consolation, eh.

(Delbert & Pape)

Running or doing chin-ups at the annual "Little Olympics"---"Go Travis Raiders"

(Delbert & Pape)

Yeah, I remember Washington Jr. High. I thought I had gone to hell without dying first. Bars on the windows. Not being able to find my classroom. Being put in a boys PE class (I would have liked that later but in 7th grade, I was mortified) because some illiterate bozo in administration thought my name was Dennis. Having an upper locker and the guy below me sticking his hand up my skirt (he was probably 18 and still in 7th grade)!
I HATED that place.

(Denise Lakey)

Donkey jokes in Mrs. Whitehead's junior English class? May be a limited audience for this memory, but one of them is the subject of numerous photos and recollections on this website and proves that if you survive adolescent aquatic stupidity, you can grow up to be a member of a local school board.

(Denise Lakey)

The first real Angry Orange

(Joe Howard)

This mainly for the guys. Do you remember when Coach Bacon would make us run laps and if you did not run to suit him he would give us spats? Then make us run some more. Also remember war ball? That BIG BIG ball, with not very many rules to get it across a goal line!!!

(Conrad McClure)

Mrs. Turknett

"Chrome Dome" was bald headed Mr. Snodgrass.
(Harold W. Johnston)
Mrs. Turknett / Mrs." Turkey Neck" leading a yell at a pep rally.
(Harold W. Johnston)
Getting spats or licks... Unimaginable in today's world.
(Harold W. Johnston)
"Barney Fife " was the unfortunate school parking lot cop.
(Harold W. Johnston)
Western Day
(Harold W. Johnston)
Homers Raiders
(Harold W. Johnston)
Sophomore year - What were you wearing the day it was 75 degrees at lunch & snowing when school was dismissed?
(Karen Lester-McGinnis)

Keystone, Alta & Pheta

(Karen Lester-McGinnis)

The "Little Olympics"

(Tommy Parrett)

That Washington Junior High had bars on the windows! Was that to keep bad people out,
or to keep us in?

Mr. Snodgrass walking around in the cafeteria or on campus looking at the guys' hair to see if it was too long.

(Tommy Hiebert and Carol Rigby)

Odessa Permian & MOJO

(Karen Lester-McGinnis)

When EVERYBODY went to Washington in 7th grade.

(Karen Lester-McGinnis)

Those enormous, fluffy rolls at lunch time. At least they were enormous when you were six!

(Kathy Witherspoon)