Food & Snacks

Food & Snacks

Sorry ya'll, I'm in Wyoming now and some how connected here. I'm from San Angelo... Central class of 81. Ya'll made me HUNGRY for those great steak fingers from Charcoal House, with the red sauce! Papaw used to bring them to the pool in the summers when we went to the El Patio.

Paula Benge Barber ('81)

Making mad dashes to the Der Weinerschnitzel for lunch---buying a chili dog, fries, and coke for about $.50....18 cents for chili dog, 10 cents for fries, and rest for the coke.

(Ann (Hyde) Giardini)

Grape, Orange and Red corn suckers. Some would have a nickel on the back.
Moon cookies at two for a penny.

(C. Tyler)

The HUGE plate-sized hamburgers at the OLD Twin Mountain Steak House that had a screen door instead of an "entrance."  Customers picked their steaks from a meat case and then sat down in a more rustic place and time.  Also, Grandma's Fried Chicken across from Lee Junior High. Burley's Drive In
where Albertson's is now on Sherwood Way/Beauregard. Great Hash Browns, came with their own cardiologist and that was basically across the street from Sam's Chicken House.

(Doug Arvedson - '72)

What about the little cookies that look like vanilla wafers with the marshmallow in between the two wafers with a glass of milk! Mmm Mmm.

(James Alberts)

Candy from Jiffy J or French fries from Syke?s drug store? Well, by the time Syke?s was there, Jiffy J probably wasn?t called that anymore, but that?s what I still call it today.

(Nancy Ellis-Wagner)

Eating Jell-o at Luby?s. But before there was Luby?s, there was a cafeteria across the street from the El Patio called ?Citten?s? Their Jell-o was tops, too.

(Nancy Ellis-Wagner)

Ordering a THEM or a THOSE at the Charcoal House

Drinking root beer from a cold frosty mug from A&W

(Delbert Pape)

Caramel apples from B&W. One night Cyndy Hood and I each got one from there before making the drag. A policeman pulled Cyndy over, and as she talked with him, her caramel apple got stuck to the steering wheel. The cop had a hard time keeping a straight face -- and so did we!

(Kathy Huff Straach)

Remember the HUGE plate of onion rings that we could buy for 50 cents at the Ramada Inn next to Edison, Jr. High? Four or five us would split them for lunch!

(Karen Aylor-Wells)

Bazooka bubble gum, that came in a package with five or six sections. And of course putting the WHOLE thing in your mouth, cost about five or ten cents.

Not gaining weight, and not caring.

(Joe Howard)

First-ever snack bar at Lee Jr. High. Had the juke box (Snoopy, Beach Boys, I think they banned Louie Louie), and those sorry French fries, nasty-smelling burgers and dogs, and Frito pie. Picnic tables outside, gathering with friends, and hoping the ninth grade girls didn't find you to make you do humiliating and degrading things in front of the whole school.

(Debra Drake-Latham)

Bill Jones Drive in? Located on Beauregard Ave, best cheeseburgers, hamburgers and coffee in town at that time.
Happy Trails , Everyone

(Conrad McClure)

Ruby's chocolate pie at Shelton Drug on Sherwood Way

(Tommy Hiebert and Carol Rigby)

Charms lollipops that we put in our cokes at the movies, so we could have "cherry cokes"!!

(Cooki Waggoner Woods)