Clothes & Style

Clothes & Style

Summer wardrobe: a couple of swimming suits

(Nancy Ellis-Wagner)

Does anyone remember the Go-Go-boots a la Nancy Sinatra with "Net pantyhose?"

Also, the crochet ponchos and vest. My deceased mom would crochet every color that would match my clothes. What wonderful memories!

(Josie Escalona-Gomez)

Pulling "fruit loops" off shirts. The more the merrier!

(Becky Cassles-Martin)

When girls were finally allowed to wear pants to school. (Wasn't that our senior year?) It was OK as long as it was a coordinated "pants suit."

(Kathy Huff Straach)

Hip huggers, crop tops and that flipped up hair that Sande Vincent perfected!

(Karen Aylor-Wells)

Girls got to wear pants (and smoke cigars) once a year on Western Day. You've got to be kidding. Did they do this in the name of modesty? Surely not, in the age of minis and micro-minis. Maybe they thought that pants would show too much of your butt! Ha!

(Debra Drake-Latham)

No umbrellas for us! On heavy rain days (a faded memory), the Wash between Carlyle Hall and Newton would flood, and the more adventuresome would "ford the stream", up to our waists, and look like drowned rats for the rest of the day.
(Debra Drake-Latham)

Wearing the shortest of skirts, avoiding Central's Attendance Office because you might get "called-in"/ogled by the "Administration," and being offended when the boys looked or made comments...(ahem, Mark Hill...)

(Debra Drake-Latham)

Short dresses: Mini's & Micro. I loved those dresses!

(Harold W. Johnston)

Who could forget those WONDERFUL gym suits that the girls had to wear. You could only get them at Pace Dry Goods!!

(Cooki Waggoner Woods)

Beehive hairdos!

(Cooki Waggoner Woods)

Madras dresses with the large blocks of color outlined with black strips

(Cooki Waggoner Woods)

Your hair had to be perfectly straight.  No such thing as a blow dryer in those days ... CURLERS!  BIG CURLERS!  The bigger the better.  Some even used Orange Juice cans!  And suffering, having to sleep in those "damn" rollers!

(Caryn Sanders-Truitt)

Sculptured Curls (just look at your old prom photos)

(Karen Lester-McGinnis)